Potential Driver Requirements

  1. Participants must be 18 years of age and posses a valid driver’s license.
  2. Participants must be willing to sign a 6 month to 1 year contract.
  3. Participants must show proof of active insurance coverage on their vehicle.
  4. Participant agrees to permit Money While You Drive to review DMV records.
  5. Major moving violations in the last 3 years are disqualifying.
  6. Participant must sign an independent contractor agreement at the time of installation. This will indemnify Money While You Drive and the advertising party if any driver of the vehicle acts in a reckless or unlawful manner.
  7. Participants must notify Money While You Drive within (24) hours of accidents, moving violations, or defacement of the advertisement.
  8. Participants agree to meet with an Money While You Drive representative once a month to check mileage, and condition of the advertisement on their vehicle.
  9. Participants must return the vehicle at the end of the advertising period for removal of the graphics.
  10. Participants must clean the vehicle twice a month.
  11. Participants must perform the contract in accordance with the information submitted on the application.
  12. Participants must drive the number of miles represented on their application.
  13. Participants may not make any internal and external modifications to vehicle.
  14. All participants must fill out the online application to enroll in the program.
  15. Participant must be the primary driver of the vehicle submitted on the application.
  16. Participants must comply with the guidelines and requirements described within the contract.
  17. All Participants must sign and agree to the conditions set forth in the contract which will be issued immediately after you are chosen.
  18. Submittal of an Money While You Drive application in no way binds you to participating in our program.